Title:Worst Tier List Of All Time W Deficio & Vedius | EUphoria Season 3 Episode 1
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Date:17 January 2019
Duration:78:25 Min
Dis Like:66
User:LoL Esports

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Drakos and Froskurinn create the "worst tier list of all time" with the help of this week's guests Deficio and Vedius. Timestamps below.

0:30 Worst introduction ever
1:18 Topics that will be covered today
1:47 Timestamps are back
- 1:59 Deficio’s weird microphone noise 1
- 2:02 Deficio saying “timestamps”
- 2:21 Changing into costumes
4:05 Segment 1 [Vedius vs. Frosk: Pre-season Tier List]
- 4:51 Vedius’ 10th & 9th place (D tier)
- 6:35 Frosk’s 10th & 9th place (D tier)
- 8:15 Judges’ discussion
- 15:22 Vedius’ 8th & 7th place (C tier)
- 16:07 Frosk’s 8th & 7th place (C tier)
- 19:33 Judges’ discussion
- 31:31 Discussion on 7th place
- 41:30 Discussion on B tier
- 45:35 Who will be in A tier
- 51:34 Deficio rates Origen
- 53:11 Heated discussion
- 55:17 Naming of the episode
- 55:35 “Can we talk more about Origen?”
- 55:53 Vedius destroys set property
- 56:23 Discussion on top 3 teams
1:06:44 Segment 2 [Ask Twitter: Overhype & Underrated]
- 1:07:27 Twitter submission 1
- 1:09:09 Twitter submission 2
- 1:10:05 Deficio’s weird microphone noise 2
- 1:12:17 Twitter submission 3
1:13:53 Bets
1:17:04 Match of the Week

This week’s bet:
Community votes on Vedius’ and Frosk’s tier list. The loser must appear on Post Game Lobby wearing the judge costume featured in this episode.

Tune in to #EUphoriaPodcast released every Wednesday 6PM CET.

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